Our Teaching Methods

Our students will communicate in their target language from the first moment regardless of their proficiency level.

Our proven and hands-on methodology guarantees that you will quickly and easily learn and communicate in your new language through practice and continuous communication.

Our Teachers

Mainhattan Languages has a vast network of carefully selected, native speaking teachers who are fully qualified and experienced in teaching languages.

They have experience working with students from different countries and cultures, who are always ready to take students questions and address specific problems.

Company Training

Mainhattan Languages will train your company for complete language fitness. Our tailor-made programs and qualified teachers will shape your employees to meet and surpass your company’s foreign language demands.

We teach in your office – offering your employees convenience, comfort and saving their time.

Welcome to Mainhattan Languages School in the Rhine-Main area

Your Language School for Business and Private Life. Mainhattan Languages is a language school in Frankfurt that was established in year 2000. We offer a high-quality service as well as an individual and personal support to our clients. Our language school offers German, English, Spanish, French, and additional languages.

We are recognized leader in the field of language instruction, offering a variety of carefully instructed courses allotted to achieve maximum results in the time available.

Our school offers effective language courses at all levels and helps students to learn about different cultures. Classes range from German, English, Spanish to Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, etc.


Prices start at 260€ for two weeks tuition with four hours of classes everyday (5 days per week). Tuition fee goes down as you take more classes.


In der Sprachschule Mainhattan Languages habe ich über eine Reihe von Jahren regelmäßig Kurse in Spanisch und in Russisch besucht. Dank des Engagements der Lehrerinnen, ihres didaktischen und methodischen Könnens und nicht zuletzt ihrer Fähigkeit, Motivation auch über lange Zeiträume aufrecht zu erhalten, konnte ich in beiden Sprachen mein Niveau erheblich verbessern. Der Besuch der Sprachschule Mainhattan Languages war und ist für mich eine wertvolle Bereicherung.


I did a German course at Mainhattan Languages and I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. The tutors were fantastic and very helpful, lovely environment. Thanks a lot!

Misaki, Japan

The German classes at Mainhattan Languages are very good, I made many friends.There are many activities and exciting things to do which allowed me to speak a lot and practise my speaking in a friendly and festive atmosphere. I really like the school, the teachers and this lovely atmosphere.

Carla, Italy

Ich habe über einen längeren Zeitraum einen Deutschkurs bei der Sprachschule Mainhattan Languages besucht. Die Organisation des Kurses war sehr professionel. Der Lehrer haben mich durch ihre langjährige Erfahrung, ihre Motivation nachhaltige Lernerfolge bei den Schülern zu erzielen und den abwechslungsreichen Unterricht sehr beeindruckt. Ich möchte die Sprachschule Mainhattan Languages daher uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Nele aus Belgien
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